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2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2017 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Computer Science Department

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Quoc-Nam Tran, Chairperson
202 Arts & Sciences
(605) 677-5388




Quoc-Nam Tran, Computational Methods, Symbolic Computation, Computational Methods in Bio-Informatics

Associate Professor:

Douglas Goodman, Simulation, Real-time Systems, Graphics

Assistant Professor:

Santosh KC, Image Processing, Computer Vision, Bioinformatics
Ahyoung Lee, Software Defined Networks
Kiho Lim, Computer Networks and Security
Erliang Zeng, Computational & Systems Biology, Data Mining


James Perry, Evolutionary Algorithms, Artificial Life, Web Development and Design


Computer Science, B.A., B.S.


Computer Science

The Bachelor’s degree programs in Computer Science have been designed with the following educational objectives for students:

  1. Become competent software developers, understand how computer software and hardware work, and apply computer science theory to solve real world problems;

  2. (for the B.A. degree) Obtain a broad-based liberal arts education, while being prepared adequately in science, mathematics, and computer science; this could involve, for example, learning a foreign language or receiving a minor in a social science discipline;

  3. (for the B.S. degree) Obtain the strongest mathematical and scientific background needed to compete for technically oriented computer science jobs at both the regional and national levels in business, science, government, and industry;

  4. Be able to communicate technical subject matter effectively, both orally and in writing, in the workplace with colleagues, clients, and customers;

  5. Be prepared to engage in lifelong learning by exploring new principles and practices in computing as the field advances;

  6. Become familiar with social and ethical issues that arise from the increased use of technology in the society.

The Department of Computer Science maintains its computational facilities, classrooms, student laboratories, and the Computer Science Research Lab, in collaboration with the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS). The departmental facilities include a series of Unix, Linux, and Windows servers, all integrated into a single network. Students can access the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using a single user ID and password to gain access to all network resources. All students are given accounts that provide network storage, email, and the ability to build their own web pages. We are a long time participant in the Microsoft Developer Network Academic Alliance, various academic initiatives with Oracle, Cisco Networking Academy, as well as the IBM Academic Initiative.


  • Amy Fix Scholarship (available to junior computer science majors)
  • John A. Lushbough Scholarship (available to junior computer science majors)
  • Warner Family Scholarship (available to first-year, sophomore, and junior computer science majors)
  • Marjorie C. J. Lifto Amundson Scholarship (available to sophomore or junior computer science majors)
  • Dr. Marjorie H. Beaty Scholarship (available to computer science or math majors)
  • Smart Software Solutions Scholarship (available to computer science majors)
  • Motorola Mentor Program Current Fund (available to computer science majors)
  • Rick and Kathi Kessler Family Scholarship (available to computer science or math majors)



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