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    University of South Dakota
  Feb 22, 2018
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Biology (M.A., M.S.)

Master of Science, Biology (thesis): Total 30 credit hours

  • Biology courses 18 credit hours 
  • Topics seminar 1 credit hour 
  • Graduate seminar 1 credit hour
  • Thesis 6 credit hours 
  • Supporting courses outside of student’s principle area of focus 4 credit hours

Thesis Research

The area of concentration for this degree may be selected from the various biological specialties (e.g., ecology, cell biology, developmental biology, molecular biology, evolution, neuroscience, physiology). Candidates for the M.S. degree give a departmental seminar and take a final oral examination that addresses the thesis as well as evaluates the student’s knowledge of broader aspects of biology. See for a description of the advisory committee, the annual progress report, the thesis proposal, and recommended timetable for completion of the degree.

Master of Arts, Biology (non–thesis): Total 32 credit hours

  • Biology courses 18 credit hours
  • Graduate seminar 1 credit hour
  • Supporting courses 14–16 credit hours

Final Examination

Candidates for the M.A. in Biology take a subject matter final examination that addresses the principles of biology. See for the recommended timetable for completion of the degree.