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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Academic & Career Planning Center

Located in the Academic Commons, I.D. Weeks, first floor
Steve Ward, Director

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Academic & Career Planning Center


Steve Ward, Director
Academic Commons, I.D. Weeks, first floor

The Academic and Career Planning Center (ACPC) provides general academic and career advisement for USD students on-campus and online. In particular, the ACPC’s staff advises new students that have declared a major in the College of Arts & Sciences, most of the majors in the Health Sciences, and individuals who have not declared a major. Staff work with students on major selection, academic study skills, course selection, and rudimentary career planning. The Academic and Career Planning Center also acts as a clearinghouse for the declaration or changing of majors.

The Academic and Career Planning Center is an excellent resource for all students who seek to improve their academic success. A Learning Specialist is employed by the ACPC to help students develop effective study strategies. In addition, advisors offer classes and individual instruction to strengthen test-taking, reading, writing, and critical thinking skills. Finally, the ACPC coordinates Supplemental Instruction and all tutoring offered on campus and is the home to the University’s First Year Experience (FYE) Program.

Mission Statement

Academic and career advising provides an educational experience to help students explore and navigate a path to degree completion. The Academic and Career Planning Center welcomes all students regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, class, gender identification, or sexual orientation.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Students can describe the requirements for graduation in their course of study before they are transferred to their faculty advisor at the 45-credit hour threshold.
  2. Students will describe the broader context of their graduation requirements through the lens of a liberal education.
  3. Students will analyze critically their choice of major during their first three semesters.
  4. Students will be able to describe the help resources available to them on campus.
  5. Students will connect the benefits of an internship or other experience to their pursuit of a meaningful career.

School of Business Student Services Center


Carly Heard
Assistant Dean, Student Success & Accreditation 

Beacom School of Business, Beacom Hall, Room 102

Jeff Seagren
Academic Advisor
Beacom School of Business, Beacom Hall, Room 110


Kyle Schoenfelder
Senior Academic Advisor
Beacom School of Business, Beacom Hall, Room 111

The Beacom School of Business Student Success Center (SSC) assists undergraduate students majoring in the business areas of Accounting, Business Administration, Business Analytics, Economics, Finance, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Studies, Marketing, Health Services Administration, Human Resource Management, Management, and Supply Chain Management. The SSC helps students with their informational needs and coordinates all advising for business students through graduation. All students who plan to major in a business field work with the SSC professional advising staff as they complete the liberal learning requirements of the University, the prerequisites for admission to the Beacom School of Business majors, and the major coursework for degree completion. Additional assistance is available relating to transfer credit, study skill development, academic appeals, course scheduling issues, and referrals.

School of Education’s Center for Student and Professional Services


Dr. Jacqueline Wilber 
Director, Center for Student and Professional Services 
School of Education, Delzell 113C 

Jake Jacobsen  
Academic Advisor Kinesiology & Sport Management  
School of Education, Delzell 114  

Katy Beem 
Academic Advisor Teacher Education 
School of Education, Delzell 114  


Jill Paulson
Academic Advisor Teacher Education
School of Education, Delzell 114


The advisors in the School of Education’s Center for Student and Professional Services provide comprehensive program advisement A centralized advisement model is used for all undergraduate students completing a program within the School of Education. Specialized advising is also provided in the CSPS to undergraduate Kinesiology and Sport Management majors after completing their first 45 credit hours.

School of Health Sciences Student Services


Michele Seaton-Bertsch 
Academic Advisor and Recruitment/Marketing Specialist 
Lee Medical Building, Room 302 

Brittany Schultz, Advisor 
Public Health and Health Sciences; Pre-Health Professions
Center for Health Education, Room 219


Students interested in any of the programs in the School of Health Sciences may direct general questions and seek information from the advisor. Bachelor in Health Sciences students who have completed 45 credit hours will be assigned a professional advisor to assist them in choosing classes and with their other educational needs. In addition, pre-health occupation students planning a health care career in a graduate program, either at this university or somewhere else, are encouraged to meet with their advisor to learn the prerequisite classes, additional testing requirements, and application details for their area of study. Students seeking a double major should have advisors in both content areas.