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2013-2014 Graduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

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1 to 3 cr hrs

Description Applied, monitored and supervised, field-based learning experience for which the student may or may not be paid. Students gain practical exper- ience; they follow a negotiated and or directed plan of study established between the student, instructor and field experience supervisor. Due to the presence of a field experience supervisor, a lower level of supervision is provided by the instructor in these courses than is the case with an internship or practicum course.

Experience in an activity, such as writing or tutoring, that is relevant to the discipline of English and is supervised and evaluated by an instructor and by a supervisor directly involved in the experience. The student must make arrangements for his/her position in a suitable organization or agency and should contact the instructor for a contract at least one month prior to the start of the experience. Course requirements include writing a proposal and a report analyzing the experience.
(C) denotes common course

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