Aug 15, 2022  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

English Department

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Darlene Farabee, Chair
212 Dakota Hall
(605) 677-5229



John Dudley, 19th- and 20th-Century American Literature, Race and Gender Studies
Lee Ann Roripaugh, Creative Writing (Poetry), 20th-and 21st-Century American Poetry, Queer Theory

Associate Professors:

Darlene Farabee, 16th- and 17th-Century British Literature, Drama, Early Modern Travel Literature, Performance Theory
Christopher Jenks, English as a Second Language, Second Language Pedagogy, Applied Linguistics
Clyde (Skip) Willman, Critical Theory, 20th-Century American Literature, Marxist and Lacanian Theory

Assistant Professors:

Prentiss Clark, 18th- and 19th-Century American Literature, Scholarly History, Literature and Philosophy
Paul Formisano, Composition Studies,  19th- and 20th-Century American Literature, Western American Literature, Eco-criticism
Benjamin Hagen, 20th and 21st Century British/Anglophone Literature, Philosophy, Pedagogy, Affect, Age Studies
Heather Love, 20th-Century American and Transatlantic Modernist Literature, Cybernetics and Communication Technology
Leah McCormack, Creative Writing (Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction), Magical Realism, Trauma Studies
Lisa Ann Robertson, 18th- and 19th-Century British Literature, Theories of Mind and Imagination, Cognitive Theory


Duncan Barlow, Creative Writing (Fiction, Poetry, and Non-Fiction), Literature of the Absurd, Critical Theory
Joseph Raiche, Composition, Literature (Sioux Falls)


Patricia DiMond, Composition, Literature
Michelle Rogge Gannon, Composition, Literature, Technology and Writing
Kenneth Green, Composition, Literature, Business Writing
Kevin Magee, Composition, Literature (Sioux Falls)
Melinda Obach, Composition, Literature (Sioux Falls)
Marcella Remund, Composition, Literature, Creative Writing
Melanie Wood, Composition, Literature


English, B.A./B.S.


Secondary Teaching
Creative Writing 


Creative Writing

The Department of English welcomes students who enjoy reading literature and like to write. The Department offers advanced courses in many fields of literary study, in creative writing, and in teaching English to speakers of other languages. Students who choose a degree in English are challenged intellectually to become more capable writers and readers, able to pursue their interests in the written word independently and with pleasure throughout their lives. Their proficiency in researching, editing, interpreting, and communicating information prepares them for work in law, education, business, public relations, and journalism, as well as for any other endeavor in which the mastery of language fosters success.


Please contact the department for additional information about available scholarships and awards. Also see College of Arts & Sciences  for college/school level scholarships.

  • Alvina & Robert Hall English Scholarship
  • Archer Gilfillan Scholarship
  • Betty Beasom Crew Scholarship
  • Dorothy Baisch Selz Memorial Scholarship
  • Dorothy Mortimer Dunlap Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Adams Shreves Memorial Scholarship
  • English Department Memorial Scholarship
  • English Grad Scholars
  • Gertrude Gunderson Scholarship
  • Gladys Hasse Poetry Prize Scholarship
  • Joane Riley Scholarship
  • John G. Dow Scholarship
  • Judith K. Meierhenry English Scholarship Fund
  • Margaret B. Sanger Scholarship
  • Sigurd & Vivian D. Anderson ‘32 Scholarship
  • The Gasque Study in Britain Scholarship
  • Wayne S. & Esther M. Knutson-English Scholarship



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