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2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Political Science Department

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David C. Earnest, Chair
Eric Jepsen, Director of POLS Undergraduate Studies & Coordinator of POLS Internships
Sandy McKeown, Director of Criminal Justice Studies & Coordinator of CJUS Internships
Timothy Schorn, Director of International Studies
Matthew Fairholm, Coordinator of Leadership Studies
Shane Nordyke, Director of Government Research Bureau

Sandi Allred, Secretary
Ilmira Dulyanova, Graduate Programs Coordinator
Cheryl Hovorka, Program Assistant II

Dakota Hall, Room 118
(605) 677-5242




Richard Braunstein, American Politics, Initiative and Referendum Process, Civil Rights & Liberties
David C. Earnest, International Political Economy, Globalization Theory, Methodology
Matthew R. Fairholm, Public Administration, Leadership Theory and Practice, Constitutional Governance
Michael Roche, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Justice & Compassion

Associate Professors:

Michael Card, Public Administration, Leadership, Public Organizational Theory
Eric M. Jepsen, Comparative Politics, Political Economy, Democratization, Latin American Politics, and South Asian Politics
Sandy McKeown, Juvenile Justice, Ethics in Criminal Justice, , Writing and Research in Criminal Justice, Mock Trial, Criminal Prosecution and Defense
Shane Nordyke, Public Policy, Policy Analysis, Research Methods, and Intergovernmental Relations
Timothy Schorn, International Relations, Human Rights, Terrorism, Middle Eastern Politics

Assistant Professors:

Bridget Diamond-Welch,  Criminology; Family Violence; Race, Class, and Gender; Sexual Assault; and Victimology
Ed Gerrish, Public Financial Management, Policy Analysis, Public Performance Management, and Meta-analysis
Julia Marin Hellwege, Political Representation, Gender Politics, Race and Ethnic Politics, and Institutional Behavior


Jacqueline Faulhaber, Public and Political Leadership, Virtue and Justice in Leadership, Ethical and Leadership, and Biblical Leadership
Joshua Houy, Criminal Law, Constitutional Law, and Criminal Justice Policy
Lynita Newswander, Political Theory, Public Administration, Religion and Politics, and Feminist Politics


Criminal Justice, B.A., B.S.
Political Science, B.A., B.S.


Civic Leadership Studies
Criminal Justice Studies
International Studies
Political Science

The Department of Political Science is large enough to provide a diversity of course offerings and viewpoints, but small enough to provide excellent opportunities to become acquainted with faculty members and fellow students. The political science major has two primary goals: 1) preparing students for careers in law, politics, government, and the mass media, as well as for public-related positions in the private sector; and 2) preparing students for responsible citizenship, intelligent voting, and informed participation in public affairs.


Political science and criminal justice faculty will nominate high achieving students who are interested in public service careers to a fast-track to the Master of Public Administration degree. Students would apply to the USD Graduate School during the spring of their junior year, and be admitted to the USD Graduate School contingent on receipt of their undergraduate degree. After completing 90 hours (senior status), students may take 9 graduate hours that will count toward their undergraduate degree and also count toward the NASPAA accredited Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree. After receiving their undergraduate degree and satisfactory progress in the three graduate courses, students would continue to pursue coursework leading to the MPA degree.


Please contact the department for additional information about available scholarships and awards. Also see College of Arts & Sciences  for college/school level scholarships.

  • Alan L. & Mary L. Clem Scholarship
  • Blair Tremere Political Science
  • Brian & Kelly Wirt Scholarship/Fellowship
  • Clarence E. & Sophia F. Fowler Scholarship
  • Clarence Eide Endowment-Sue Eide Kimball Criminal Justice Scholarship
  • Clyde Saukerson Honors Program Scholarship
  • Criminal Justice Department
  • Daniel M.&L’Nora L. Bylander Political Science Scholarship
  • Dee Jones Noordermeer Memorial Scholarship
  • Diane Jones Meier Award
  • Donald D. Fowler Scholarship-Political Science
  • Dorothy C. Schieffer Scholarship
  • Dr. Samuel C. & Suzanne L. Patterson Political Science Scholarship
  • Farber  #3: William O. Farber Scholarship
  • Farber  No. 2
  • Farber Center Foundation Account
  • Francis J. Dillon Political Science
  • Frank L. “Jeff” Scott Memorial Scholarship
  • Fraternal Order of Police Scholarship
  • Gene Kimmel Award
  • Gene Mahan Memorial Scholarship in Good Government
  • George & Bette Glover Scholarship
  • Hall Scholarship
  • Heartland Political Sciences Scholarship Fund
  • Jody M. Endres Scholarship 
  • Joel & Kari Portice Family Political Science Scholarship
  • Joel Rosenthal Award
  • John H. Wicks Political Science Scholarship
  • Larry Pressler Scholarship
  • Loren M. Carlson Memorial Scholarship
  • MacDonald Political Science Scholarship
  • Mary B. Edelen Student Internship Award
  • Mary Pat Bierle Scholarship
  • Oneta H. Card Memorial Scholarship
  • Philip T. Roche Service to Others Award
  • Political Science Fund
  • Robert D. Falk Award
  • South Dakota Sheriff’s Association Scholarship
  • Stephen R. & Mary Lynn Myers Scholarship
  • Thomas J. Whorley Political Science Scholarship
  • William J. Janklow Public Service Scholarship
  • WO Farber Internship & Travel Scholarship

In addition to these specific scholarships/awards, the Farber Fund makes about $140,000 available annually for Political Science, Criminal Justice and International majors to attend conferences, participate in faculty-led programs and departmental trips, complete internships, travel abroad, and carry out research projects. For additional departmental information, see website listed above and http://www.usd.edu/arts-and-sciences/farber-fund.


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