Sep 26, 2023  
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Health Services Management Division

Rand Wergin, Chair
Beacom Hall 211
(605) 658-6556


Associate Professors:

Jewel Shepherd, Health Services Management
Carole South-Winter, Health Services Management


          Matthew Heard, Health Services Management


Health Services Administration


Health Services Administration

Healthcare administrators plan, direct, coordinate and provide leadership in the health care industry which accounts for 17% of the United States gross domestic product (GDP). Healthcare executives manage hospitals, health systems, surgery centers, multi-specialty physician practices and managed care companies. They also serve as policy experts for state agencies, federal agencies and private consulting companies. Administrators must be prepared to deal with the integration of health care delivery systems, technological innovations, a complex regulatory environment, an increased focus on preventive care while improving quality and reducing costs through innovative management structures and methods.

Our healthcare services administration program equips students with the skills and knowledge to manage healthcare organizations. We offer an undergraduate major, a minor, a master’s level certificate in long term care and a Master in Business Administration (M.B.A.) with a specialization in health services administration. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in the field of healthcare administration is projected to grow 20 percent from 2016-2026 fueling demand for over 100,000 professional administrators.


Each year, the Beacom School of Business has the capacity to award over $400,000 in awards and scholarships. These funds are made available through the generous support of alumni and friends of the Beacom School of Business.

  • A.A. Cotton Memorial Scholarship
  • Anna M. Goetz Business Scholarship
  • Ardell & Rula Hatch Scholarship
  • Arthur Anderson Scholarship
  • Beacom Family Scholarship
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Black Hills Corporation Scholarship
  • Caleb Lyle Undergraduate Research and Experiential Learning Scholarship
  • Carol & Herman Lerdal Business School Scholarship
  • Christopher L. Nelson Scholarship
  • Dale Clement Scholarship
  • Doris & Morris Winter Scholarship
  • Douglas L. Steckler Scholarship
  • Earl S. & Harriet Sparks Scholarship
  • Entrepreneurship III Scholarship
  • Francis V. Fetzner Scholarship
  • Freeman Chair Scholarship
  • Gary Ellis Family Scholarship
  • Gene Iverson Family Scholarship
  • George A. Smith, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Harriet S. Cosgrove Scholarship
  • Howalt-McDowell SDAHO Scholarship
  • Howard, Adeline & Tad Svendsen Scholarship
  • J.D. & Bobbi Mason Business Scholarship
  • James R. Hawke Scholarship
  • Jim Rath Business Scholarship
  • John “Jack”, Jr & Michael Carmody Scholarship
  • John E. & Mary J. Hulse Scholarship
  • John H. & Burl A. Litzelman Business Scholarship
  • John R. Waltner Business Scholarship
  • John S. & Dorothy H. Lockwood Memorial Scholarship
  • John T. Vucurevich Business Scholarship
  • Joseph & Samene Lesser Scholarship
  • June & Lyle Wagner Scholarship
  • Katherine Plut Roth Business Scholarship
  • Kathryn & Warren Prostrollo, Jr. Scholarship
  • KPMG Scholarship
  • Laddie Cimpl Business Scholarship
  • Lorraine R. Hart Scholarship
  • Lulu B. Wheeler-School of Business
  • Marcus & Vera Anderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Marlon P. Young Scholarship
  • Mary P. Ricciardello Scholarship
  • Mary W. Hanson-Business School Scholarship
  • Mascott Scholarship
  • Matthew P. & Maria Brzica School of Business Scholarship
  • Nelville A. Seeley Business Scholarship
  • O.R. Brancel Scholarship
  • Patrick & Ruth Boehmer Scholarship
  • R.F. & Garnet Patterson Scholarship
  • Revone Kluckman Memorial Scholarship
  • Richard Foreman Scholarship
  • Roger Hainje Memorial Scholarship
  • Ronald & Mary Slaughter Campbell Scholarship
  • Sharon Broderson Memorial Scholarship
  • Shirley Laskin Family Scholarship
  • The Alan M. Graff Memorial Scholarship
  • V.E. Montgomery, Jr. Scholarship
  • Valley Queen Cheese School of Business Scholarship
  • Virgil F. Dove Scholarship
  • Walter A. & Lucy Yoshioka Buhler Scholarship -Business School
  • Willis J. Schenk Business Scholarship
  • Xcel Energy Business School Scholarship
  • Young & Gwendolyn Moore Scholarship

Student Learning Outcomes for Health Services Administration (B.B.A.)

GOAL #:1 Our graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the basic business disciplines and their integration in a global economy.  


  1. Graduates will demonstrate adequate knowledge in all of the basic business disciplines - accounting, economics, finance, international/globalization, information systems, legal, management, marketing, and quantitative (including statistics and operations management).  
  2. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the interdisciplinary nature of business.   
  3. Graduates will demonstrate an advanced understanding of core concepts in health services administration.  

GOAL #:2 Our graduates will employ critical thinking skills to analyze business decisions.  


  1. Graduates will evaluate alternatives and recommend a course of action to reach a desired outcome.  
  2. Graduates will conduct an effective quantitative analysis of business problems.  

GOAL #3:  Our graduates will communicate effectively and professionally.  


  1. Graduates will demonstrate adequate oral presentation skills.  
  2. Graduates will write effectively.  

GOAL #4:  Our graduates will recognize the importance of ethics in business.  


  1. Graduates will apply ethical principles in identifying and resolving business dilemmas.  
  2. Graduates will apply health services administration specific standards of the profession to ethical dilemmas.