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2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

General Studies (B.G.S.) - Business Specialization

64 Hours Required, 120 Degree Hours

The Bachelor of General Studies is a flexible degree program designed to serve the needs of individuals who have earned numerous credits but have not completed their degrees. Students work with an advisor to determine course equivalencies and to develop an appropriate degree completion plan. Students earning a B.G.S. complete all regental and institutional general education requirements, as well as designated credit hours of coursework in each of three emphasis areas. Majors and minors are not available within the B.G.S., and eligibility is limited to students who have completed at least 60 credit hours. A separate application process is required; contact the Center for Academic and Career Planning for more information.

The B.G.S.–Business Specialization is intended to encourage students holding a two-year degree in a business discipline to earn a bachelor’s degree in the field of business without undertaking the additional coursework required for a traditional business degree.

Students must meet the following three criteria to be eligible for admission to the B.G.S.–Business Specialization:

  • Documentation of a completed Associate’s Degree in a business discipline from an accredited technical institute or community college.
  • A 2.85 or higher cumulative grade point average from the technical institute or community college.
  • Prior acceptance to the B.G.S. program by the College of Arts & Sciences Dean’s Office.

Admission to the B.G.S. program by the Beacom School of Business requires a completed special application form submitted to and approved by the Beacom School of Business Student Services Center.

Regental and Institutional Requirements (21-24 hours)

  • System-wide Graduation Requirements (SGR) in addition to those incorporated into other requirements listed below:  (12 hours)

  • Speech communication fulfilling SGR Goal #2 (3 cr.)

  • Fine arts or humanities (excluding English) fulfilling SGR Goal #4 (3 cr.) 


  • Institutional Graduation Requirements (IGR) (9-12 hours)

  • Aesthetic experience requirement (3 cr.)

  • Globalization/global issues requirement (3 cr.)

  • Intensive writing requirement (3 cr.)


    Students must complete all SGRs and IGRs. Courses meeting the intensive writing and globalization/global issues requirements may meet other requirements as well. The same course may not be used to fulfill both SGR Goal #4 and the aesthetic experience requirement.  See Graduation Requirements  for more information.

Specific B.G.S. Degree Requirements (64 hours)

In addition to regental and institutional requirements for the baccalaureate degree, coursework and assessment specific to the BGS–Business Specialization are required.

Electives (32-35 hours)


Upper-division business courses (ACCT, BADM, ECON, HSAD) used to fulfill the specified course requirements above must be completed through the University of South Dakota’s Beacom School of Business. Transferred upper-division courses may be used as electives.