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2020-2021 Graduate Catalog 
2020-2021 Graduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

Business Administration - Health Services Administration Specialization (M.B.A.)

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Admissions Information  

Each applicant is expected to have satisfactorily completed the foundation requirements for study in the Beacom School of Business (click on above link).


Applicants who enter the program with all 500-level foundation coursework or equivalent courses completed will be given “advanced standing” and will only need to complete the 39 credit hours of advanced course work [M.B.A./HSAD Plan A (thesis) or Plan B (non-thesis)]. An applicant who has not completed any business coursework will have a 57-credit hour program of study (M.B.A./HSAD). Applicants who have completed some of the foundations coursework, either at USD or as part of their undergraduate program, will have an individualized program of study outlining their requirements for program completion. Challenge exams are available.

##Pending SDBOR approval and submission of a revised program request to correct the total hours for the M.B.A./HSAD specialization core and program.

M.B.A./Health Services Administration Specialization

The curriculum of the Health Services Administration specialization offers an industry-focused approach to management. It addresses theories and practices required to develop business plans in health service organizations. The evolution of health care systems throughout the world are examined, with an emphasis on the history and organization of U.S. healthcare and including the role of consumers, institutions, labor, and government. Students will learn the nuances of daily operations including governance, effective management and the elements of unique human resource concerns in health care organizations. They will use evidence-based learning and critical thinking as they learn how to address the collaborative, interdisciplinary approach required in today’s healthcare industry. Electives include highly relevant topics such as process improvement to achieve quality, safety, and value goals.

M.B.A., Plan A (thesis): Total 39-57 credit hours

  • Foundation Courses 18 credit hours
  • HSAD Business Core 36 credit hours ##
  • Thesis for HSAD Specialization 3 credit hours

M.B.A., Plan B (non-thesis): Total 39-57 credit hours

  • Foundation Courses 18 credit hours
  • HSAD Business Core 36 credit hours ##
  • Business-related supporting courses 3 credit hours

M.B.A./HSAD Specialization Core Coursework: 36 credit hours ##

##Pending SDBOR approval and submission of a revised program request to correct the total hours for this program.

M.B.A./HSAD Specialization Thesis or Elective: 3 credit hours

B.B.A. / M.B.A. Fast-Track Option

Beacom School of Business undergraduate majors meeting requirements for entry into the M.B.A. program may opt to complete both the B.B.A. and M.B.A. concurrently. Students who pursue this fast-track option will be awarded their undergraduate and graduate degrees simultaneously, upon completion of the two programs. 

Students may apply for admission to the M.B.A. program using the standard graduate application process after completing 75 credit hours. Applicants for the B.B.A./M.B.A. program are required to submit only two letters of recommendation. Students applying to the B.B.A./M.B.A. program are not required to provide a GMAT exam score for application to the fast-track program if they meet all the following criteria: cumulative GPA of 3.25 and major GPA of 3.25. Applicants who do not meet the above criteria are required to provide a GMAT exam score, which will be evaluated along with all application materials in a manner consistent with applications to the M.B.A. program. 

The fast-track option will confer special student status to those admitted, who will then be eligible to take 700-level courses in the graduate program of study upon completion of 90 undergraduate credits and apply for graduate assistantships. Students must complete the requirements of the B.B.A. program in accordance with the undergraduate catalog and the requirements for the M.B.A. program in accordance with the graduate catalog. All prerequisites for courses in the M.B.A. program apply to students in the B.B.A./M.B.A. program.

Student Learning Outcomes

Goal #1: Our graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the basic business disciplines and strategic integration in business in a global environment. 


  1. Graduates will demonstrate knowledge of core concepts in business disciplines. 
  2. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of strategic integration in a global environment. 

GOAL #2: Our graduates will employ analytical and critical thinking skills to make business decisions in a dynamic environment. 


  1. Graduates will employ analytical skills to perform systematic business analysis, identify problems, and suggest solutions.  
  2. Graduates will employ critical thinking skills to analyze/identify the impact of the business environment on business decisions.   

GOAL #3:  Our graduates will communicate effectively and professionally. 


  1. Graduates will demonstrate strong oral presentation skills.   
  2. Graduates will be able to create professional quality business documents. 

GOAL #4:  Our graduates will recognize the importance of ethics and social responsibility in business. 


  1. Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply ethical principles in identifying and resolving business dilemmas.   
  2. Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of social responsibility in business.  

GOAL #5: Graduates seeking specialized MBA degrees will demonstrate competency in their proposed specialization. 

  1. Health Services Administration Specialization graduates will be able to identify common industry problems and provide solutions based on health services administration best practices. 

Courses or Programs Leading to Professional Licensure or Certification

The University of South Dakota as of July 1, 2020, cannot confirm whether any particular course or program meets educational prerequisites for professional licensure or certification in states other than South Dakota. If you are planning to apply for licensure/certification in a state other than South Dakota after completion of your program, contact the academic department offering your major or CDE at 605.658.6152 or by email at USD is working to comply with these requirements and will provide up-to-date information as it becomes available.

If your learning placement course (internship, externship, clinical, rotation, practicum, independent study, study away, etc.) or your online course will be taken outside South Dakota, please reference the State Authorization webpage below.

Information about State Authorization & Professional Licensure

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