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2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog 
2024-2025 Undergraduate Catalog

Psychology (B.A., B.S.)

34-38 Major Hours, 120 Degree Hours

Students in this major must also complete requirements for a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences .

PSYC Electives for non-specialization (9 hours)

Any non-required USD psychology course (with a PSYC prefix) will count as a PSYC elective, except for the following. PSYC 359 does not count toward the Psychology Major. 

B.A. and B.S. Distribution Requirements:

The following PSYC courses count toward the B.A. and B.S. distribution requirements:

Either Natural Sciences or Social Sciences:

These courses may be used to satisfy either natural sciences or social sciences distribution requirements, but the same course cannot be counted as both natural sciences and social sciences:


Depending upon the content of Special Topics and individual study courses, they may be designated as either natural sciences or social sciences.

Area of Specialization within the Psychology Major:

Disaster Response Specialization (37-38 credit hours)

Disaster Response Specialization (15 hours)

Mental Health Specialization (36 credit hours)

The Mental Health Specialization will better prepare undergraduate students for advanced study to become a clinical mental health professional, including degrees in Clinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Clinical Social Work, and School Psychology.

B.A./B.S. to M.A. Accelerated Options

Undergraduate Psychology majors may elect to complete both the B.A./B.S. and M.A. (non-thesis) with Human Factors specialization concurrently. Students who pursue the accelerated option will be awarded their undergraduate degree first, but may be awarded both degrees upon completion of the graduate requirements. Students may apply for admission to the M.A. program after completing 75 undergraduate credit hours and may begin taking graduate level courses upon completion of 90 undergraduate credit hours and acceptance into the accelerated graduate program. Additional information about the accelerated degree can be found on the accelerated program catalog page  for the M.A. in Psychology (non-thesis) with Human Factors specialization only.

Double Major (Psychology and Sociology)

Note: Students double-majoring in Psychology and Sociology may use PSYC 241/SOC 241 Social Psychology in both majors and may use either statistics course, SOC 309 Social Science Statistics or PSYC 371 Statistics in Psychological Research, and either methods course, SOC 410 Methods of Social Research or PSYC 373 Research Methods in Experimental Psychology (NOT PSYC 275), to fulfill requirements for both majors.

Four-Year Program Guides and Costs

USD encourages students to take 15 credits per semester or 30 credits within the year in order to graduate in 4 years. To help students complete their academic degree program in four years, we provide a sample academic plan. Please work with your academic advisor to confirm your plan. 

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State Authorization - It Matters Where You Live

If your learning placement course (internship, externship, clinical, rotation, practicum, independent study, study away, etc.) or your online course will be taken outside South Dakota, please reference USD’s State Authorization webpage.

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