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2015-2016 Undergraduate catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate catalog [Archived Catalog]

Health Sciences Program

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June Larson, Director
School of Health Sciences
Lee Medical Building #302E
Phone: (605) 658-6500




June Larson, Nursing

Assistant Professors:

Musheera AnisAbdellitif, Medicine, Child Psychiatry
Cassity Gutierrez, Public Health


Laurie Lind, Occupational Therapy
Audrey Ticknor, Dental Hygiene
Becky Wolff, Nursing and Complimentary Therapies
Amy Nelson, Occupational Therapy


Basil Aboul-Enein
Brad Beauvais,
Health Policy and Administration
Lucien Costley
Melissa Hendricks,
Physical Therapy
Jonelle Hook, Physical Therapy Assistant, Education
Heidi Johnson-Anderson
Kristi Leisinger, Health Services Administration
Ann Mollman, Nursing
Rob Stowe, Quality Improvement
Margaret Walker, Nursing


Audrey Ticknor, Dental Hygiene
Travis Ahlers, Education


Health Sciences, B.S.




Health Sciences 
Public Health

The University of South Dakota is the only university in the regental system to offer a Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences. This dynamic major is interdisciplinary in nature and provides flexible options that allow students to prepare for many kinds of careers related to health. This major is appropriate for any student planning to enter graduate health programs. The major also provides the opportunity for students with a general but unfocused interest in the health professions to explore the many opportunities in the field and to gain foundational knowledge, values and interpersonal skills necessary to work with patients, communities, and populations in today’s healthcare environment. The Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences will qualify students for:

  • Entry into graduate programs in a specific health profession.
  • Entry-level employment in health care or health care-related positions.
  • Career mobility and advancement for individuals with a health care background.

Pathway One: Pre-Professional Studies

The pre-professional pathway provides a foundation for study in a health profession program. In addition to the major courses, these students will take coursework needed for entry into an undergraduate or graduate health sciences program. USD offers the health sciences majors listed below. Please refer to the program page in the catalog or their respective websites.

Baccalaureate Degree Programs  

Catalog Link Webpage link
Addiction Studies Dept   www.usd.edu/ads  
Medical Laboratory Science    www.usd.edu/medlab
Dental Hygiene Department   www.usd.edu/dh  
Health Sciences   www.usd.edu/healthsciencesmajor  
Nursing Department   www.usd.edu/nursing  
Social Work Department   www.usd.edu/socialwork  

 Graduate Degree Programs 

Catalog Link Webpage Link
Addiction Studies (http://catalog.usd.edu/ - select graduate) www.usd.edu/ads 
Occupational Therapy (http://catalog.usd.edu/ - select graduate) www.usd.edu/ot
Physician Assistant (http://catalog.usd.edu/ - select graduate) www.usd.edu/pa
Social Work (http://catalog.usd.edu/ - select graduate) www.usd.edu/socialwork

 Doctoral Degree Program   

Catalog Link Webpage Link
Physical Therapy (http://catalog.usd.edu/ - select graduate) www.usd.edu/pt

In addition to USD’s Health Science programs, pre-professional studies students can take coursework that prepares them for entry into graduate programs offered at other universities, including pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, medicine, chiropractic medicine, public health, mortuary science, etc.

Pathway Two: Health Care Studies

This pathway is for individuals who desire a career in the health care industry rather than in a clinically-based profession. The student’s course of study will build a solid academic foundation in humanities, math, science and healthcare. The student will be encouraged to earn up to two minors in addition to the Health Sciences major to create a unique program that will be geared toward individual goals and to increase marketability when seeking employment. The graduate will be prepared for entry-level employment in health care or health related careers.

Pathway Three: Health Career Advancement Studies

The Health Sciences Major at the University of South Dakota provides health career advancement for individuals who are already health care workers and who hold an AA, AS, or AAS degree and wish to advance in their current positions or in a related area of health care. After completing this degree, the graduate may go on to pursue graduate work in a specific area of health sciences if desired. Graduates of community colleges who have completed an AAS or AS in a healthcare field can complete the BSHS.  Aritculation agreements provide for ease of transfer to complete the degree.

Pathway Four: Undergraduate Research

The undergraduate research pathway includes working with scientists in basic biomedical research, health disparities, clinical or translational research and data methodologies, biostatistics, and epidemiology. The desired outcome is that those students who explore research as undergraduates will continue their education in graduate research programs and contribute to the exceptional research activities in South Dakota.

Pathway Five: Undergraduate Public Health

The undergraduate public health pathway introduces public health as a career option. Knowledge of global health issues and the improvement of population health will better prepare the student for a future in healthcare professions, enabling the future practitioner to address vital social issues with an awareness of world context.

Pathway Six: Undergraduate Clinical Informatics

The clinical informatics pathway provides the opportunity to gain skill in the acquisition, storage, retrieval, and use of information in healthcare.

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