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2015-2016 Undergraduate catalog 
2015-2016 Undergraduate catalog [Archived Catalog]

Women and Gender Studies Minor

18 Credit Hours Required

Sara Lampert, Coordinator
Department of History
East Hall 204
(605) 677-5219


The Women and Gender Studies minor provides students with a foundation in the study of gender and sexuality, with a particular focus on topics related to women and the family worldwide and historically. Courses explore the intersection of gender (the social and cultural construction of sexual difference) with other structures of power and sources of identity, including race, class, and sexuality, in the context of family, work, law and politics, art, and the history of ideas. The minor may accompany any major in the College of Arts and Sciences and provides students with the tools to think critically and creatively about questions of gender and sexual difference.

Minor Requirements

To complete the 18-hour minor in Women and Gender Studies, students must take three hours of WMST 247 and an additional 15 hours from the courses listed below with the restriction that no more than six hours may be taken in any one prefix area.


Special topics courses, seminars, experimental courses, independent studies, and directed readings offered in any academic area and focusing on issues of concern to women and gender studies may also be applied to the minor with permission of the Coordinator of Women and Gender Studies and subject to the six-hour disciplinary limit.

For more information on the minor and for a list of currently offered courses eligible for Women and Gender Studies credit, please consult the USD Women and Gender Studies website listed above. If you have other questions or need confirmation of eligibility for a specific course, please consult the Coordinator of Women and Gender Studies, womensstudies@usd.edu or (605) 677-5219.