Sep 29, 2022  
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [Archived Catalog]

International Studies (B.A.)

Timothy J. Schorn, JD, PhD, Director
Dakota Hall 110


International Studies, B.A.


International Studies

International Studies helps students become internationally literate and familiar with diverse cultures, ideas, languages, politics, history, literature and more. The interdisciplinary program prepares students for employment in education, business, government, journalism and other fields that increasingly seek graduates with both a liberal arts education and international understanding.

54 Major Hours, 120 Degree Hours

Students in this major must also complete requirements for a degree in the College of Arts & Sciences .

International Studies Scholarship

Please contact the department for information about available scholarships and awards.

  • Leonard E. Arnaud Memorial Scholarship

Additional Requirements

International Experience: study or travel abroad in consultation with program director.

Portfolio: Record of progress in International Studies (to be completed in Senior Seminar).

Required Modern Foreign Language(s) courses to fulfill International Studies major and double major requirements (18 hours)

Students must complete at least 14 cr. in a single modern foreign language. The remaining 4 cr. may be taken in the same language or in a different modern foreign language. These credits may count toward a Major or Minor in a foreign language.

Double Major (48 hours)

Students who choose to receive a double major may reduce the number of International Studies electives by six credit hours. With the exception of courses in a modern foreign language, requirements may not apply to more than one major, i.e. double-counting of a course is not permitted.


Four-Year Program Guides and Costs

USD encourages students to take 15 credits per semester or 30 credits within the year in order to graduate in 4 years. To help students complete their academic degree program in four years, we provide a sample academic plan. Please work with your academic advisor to confirm your plan.